Brick Walls

I have not posted anything to this blog in months again.  I realize that I am so involved in verifying the information that I have in the family tree that I am not leaving room to share.  Sharing is a part of the tree that I have not been very good at.  With that said, I am thinking that I will do as several of my blogger friends do.  I am going to see how using this blog as a sounding board works out.  I have added a couple of pages and am currently working on updating them.  I need to check the limitations of this platform.  If I can not do what I am hoping to I may have to search out a different method and maybe switch to a Google platform.  I even thought about a website that had the ability to link pages and I am still working on that one.  I will let you know what I decide to do.  Until then I will leave you with a few stats.  The family tree is now at a good number of 15, 467.  Now remember that a lot of those people are not in the direct line that I am researching but instead are Branches of the family.  I have nearly 10,000 records for those in the tree. But I also have 43,000 hints to go through.   A lot of those hints are garbage but it takes time to gt thru them.  I still have the brick walls that I can not break thru.  Just like William Wolfinger.  I have his name as William Anthony Wolfinger but his death certificate says William F. Wolfinger.  Which is right?  I have no idea.  I do not yet have a birth certificate for William.  I have a 1913 City Directory that has him listed as William A. Wolfinger.  The 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census has him listed as just William Wolfinger.  The informant on his death certificate is Mrs. Wm. F. Wolfinger.  Is this his wife?  I have no record that he had a son named William.  If this is his wife,  do I have the wrong death certificate or do I have the wrong person all together?  So the hunt continues.  I am sure that I will figure it out just not sure when or how.  Stand by.

This is not the only brick wall but some of them seem to be a little easier to solve.  It is like being a detective.  The fun continues .

Thank you for looking at this and see you on the next round.

The Children of Harry and Mary Jane

The picture has been found and I have been negligent in getting it posted.  Thanks to little Sister for finding it and sending it to me so that I have it.  I am not sure of the date of this picture but it is believed to be at the time of Harry’s funeral.  That would date the picture at about 11 October 1960.  Children of Harry A. Wolfinger

The children are : Left to right, back row, Ralph Edwin (my Daddy), Robert, Raymond, Glenn, Starrett (Bud), and Elmer. Front row, left to right, Lou Ella, Ethel Irene, Carrie Mae, Margaret Elizabeth and Joseph William. And of course there is the baby that was not named. I wonder what his name would have been?

The only one of the children that did not marry is Uncle Elmer.  I believe that Uncle Bud had no children at least none that I have found anyway.

So the journey continues to find out more about this amazing family.


Harry and Mary Jane

It has been too long since I have shared any news of the family tree with you.  Several people made a comment about the last post about Harry Alvin Wolfinger that they did not realize he had 12 children.  Yes he and Mary Jane really did have 12 children.  Let me introduce you to them .

Joseph William Wolfinger was born 13 July 1900 in Milton, Pennsylvania

Carrie Mae Wolfinger was born  01 February 1902 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Elmer James Wolfinger was born 17 August 1905 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Starrett Milton Wolfinger was born 24 November 1907 in Juniata, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Ethel Irene Wolfinger was born 07 November 1909 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Lou Ella Wolfinger was born 06 September 1912 in Juniata, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Infant Wolfinger, a son was born and died 11 May 1914 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Glen Alvin Wolfinger was born 01 June 1916 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Raymond Eugene Wolfinger was born 10 October 1917 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Robert Leroy Wolfinger was born  14 October 1919 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Margaret Elizabeth Wolfinger was born  11 September 1921 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Ralph Edwin Wolfinger was born 06 May 1923 in Altoona, Pennsylvania

All of the children have passed on and unfortunately, I am having difficulty finding pictures of all of them.  Somewhere in this computer is a family picture of them but it is eluding me so that will have to wait until another post.

I can tell you that all but the Infant son and Uncle Elmer did marry.  Several of the children had no children of their own.  In with that there are plenty of Grandchildren for Harry and Mary Jane to claim.  So, our Journey continues and I will set off to find that picture to share with you.





Down for the Count!

I apologize for being late with this post.  Yes, I was down for the count with the creepy crud. Not fun.  So in an attempt to get caught up here is “Another Wolfinger”

This time it is Harry Alvin Wolfinger, my Grandfather. Harry is the son of William and Mary Emma (Raubenault) Wolfinger.

Harry was born 07 March 1875 in Milton, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. He was baptized on 11 April 1875 at the Messiah Evangelical Luther Church in McEwensville, Northumberland, Pennsylvania.

Harry was the oldest of 5 children, Harry, Norman, Ernest, Franklin and Edna.

In 1880, he  is living with his parents on Mahoning Street in Milton, Pennsylvania. By 1900 he is married and living on Front Street in Milton, Pennsylvania.

Harry was united in marriage to Mary Jane Montz on 10 December 1899. The exact location of their marriage is unknown at this time. The marriage certificate is signed by a minister.


The happy couple years later.  Pictures of Grandpa are few and far between.  This is the only one I have of him.  Maybe he was camera shy.



Harry and Mary Jane (Jennie) moved to Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania some time between  1900 and 1902.  Daughter Carrie Mae being  born in Altoona in 1902.

The house that I remember as being their home is 422 Seventh (7th) Avenue in Juniata.




The house had to be full of chaos because the Wolfinger’s ended up having 12 children.  Most of the children are spaced just 2 years apart.  As you can see in the picture, Grandma is wearing her apron.  This was probably an everyday thing for her.  Can you imagine cooking for a family that large?  And look at the amount of laundry there was to do.


While Grandma was home tending to the young ones, Grandpa made his living working for the railroad as a machinist.

Both Grandma and Grandpa left this world from their home at 422  7th Avenue in Juniata.  Grandpa is buried at Grandview Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Grandma is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  The infant that was born and died in 1914 is said to be buried at Greenwood Cemetery.  I have often wondered why Grandma and Grandpa were buried in different locations and not side by side.

Grandma passed away before I was even born. She died 12 June 1947 and Grandpa died 08 October 1960.



As with all genealogists and family historians I wish I could have known what I know now and picked their brains for information about their life.  So many unknown details go to the grave with our loved ones.  So if you are lucky enough to have Grandparents or parents still with you, listen to their stories and learn what life was like for them growing up.  You might actually learn some really funny stories or interesting facts.  Until next time, hope you  enjoyed learning a little more about our family on The  Journey.

A Wolfinger Remembered



Let me introduce you to the Wolfinger that I lovingly refer to as Daddy.  Ralph Edwin Wolfinger was born on 6 May 1923.  His parents, Harry Alvin Wolfinger and Mary Jane Montz had been married for 24 years when Ralph was born.  Ralph was the “baby” of the family of 12 children.

Daddy worked as a store clerk before going into the Army.  He served during World War II and was stationed overseas for a time.  After his discharge from the Army he met and married, Anna Marie McManamy.

Daddy and Mom were married on 19 June 1946 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Juniata, Altoona, Pennsylvania




As a child I remember living in several different places and there are many memories that are for another time.  It was around 1956 that we moved to Juniata and that was HOME .

Daddy was a hard working man that had his crazy little hobbies.  Like building battery boxes for our transistor radios because D cell batteries lasted longer than 9 volt.  And then there was all of his radio equipment.  He had it all set up on the “work bench” and was always working on a tv or a radio or something.

One thing I remember very well about this man is his temper.  He did not often loose his temper as I remember.  But I clearly remember one time that he was working on the car, got mad and threw the hammer he was using and it landed in the middle of 4th street.  I think he was upset and would have rather been working on a radio or a tv.

While this is just a glimpse of who this man was I hope you enjoyed meeting him.  And believe me there is more to come on our Journey thru the Wolfinger Wonderings.